21 Affordable Stock Logo Templates

21 Affordable Stock Logo Templates

I personally hate making logos from scratch, so when I stumbled across these logos over at GraphicRiver I knew my troubles would be over.  There are so many fantastic designs created by the most talented group of designers and these are my top 21.  Each one of these logos come ready for you to customize to the exact needs of your client.  All logos are made in Adobe Illustrator and include .eps files as well.

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RW Creative Corporate Colorful Logo Template



Dot Circle Logo



Sugar and Spice Logo



Activities & Leisure Logo – 1449



Activities & Leisure Logo – 3D-487



Communications Logo – 3D-517


Idea Lab



BestPlayer Logo Template



Music Group Logo Template



GamerKidz – Kid Mascot Logo For Your Gaming Biz



Optima Care Medic Logo Template



True Style Logo Template


Anfa Turbin



Infinite Vector Logo Template



Abstract Letter A Logo


Cube Play Logo Template



Creadroid – Robot Mascot Logo For Any Creative Biz



Chatter Box Logo



Monstraudio – Illustrative Logo for Your Audio Biz



‘Talking Metrics’ – Internet Marketing Logo



Activities & Leisure Logo – 579