Black V2 XML Flash Template – by robwes19

Black V2 XML Flash Template – by robwes19

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Wow… this is one sleek looking flash website.  “Black” is both elegant and powerful, with options to customize almost all parts of the website.  Well done robwes19.


100 percent XML template. Every aspect of this template is updated in the xml.
Flash software is not required. Add your logo, all text, images, video in xml.
Even skin the interface in xml. All colored elements can be skinned right in the xml
just by entering a color hexidecimal value.

XML Smart Navigation

Smart navigation, edit and add your buttons in xml.
Load an external swf, go to a frame label or number, go to a url link.
All set in the xml. You can also set the audio track to turn off in xml.
Useful when loading multi media apps. Click on the video gallery and see it in action.
Turn on or off _lockroot in xml. This will allow you to load external apps with ease.

XML Image Gallery

Add all your images in xml. Unlimited gallery. Edit the descriptions for
each image in xml. The description are html formatted text so you can also add links.

XML Video Gallery

Add all your flv videos in xml. Unlimited gallery. Edit the descriptions for
each video in xml. The description are html formatted text so you can also add links.
Video player comes with smoothing so regardless of your video dimensions there
wont be any pixelation.
Choose 4:3 or 16:9 formats for your videos in the xml (Video Gallery and Demo Reel).

XML News

XML news section. Edit your images and text in xml. Smart header and description box that
self adjust to fit your text.

XML Contact Form

Includes an xml/php contact form. Edit all your company/personal info in xml, including your domain.
Then update your email address/s in php and upload to your webserver. Just make sure your webserver
supports php.

Send to a Friend form

Includes a php send to friend form. Simply edit a few fields in the php with your info, upload to
your webserver and your off and running. A user will be able to forward your website directly to a
friends inbox without ever opening an email application. Also requires your webserver to support php.

Simple XML MP3 Player

Save your external track and update the xml. Set looping or play once in the xml.
When clicking on the main navigation you can set the player to turn off.
Useful when loading external apps that contain there own audio.

Add your favorite social networking page/s via xml

Set your favorite personal social networking page/s in xml. I’ve included some of the more popular icons.
But you can create your own for any site and add your personal url.

XML Smart captions

The home page and about page contain xml smart captions. Just edit with your text in xml.
The captions will expand according to the length of your text.