Pop Art Iconic A3, A4 poster and A6, A5 flyer

Pop Art Iconic A3, A4 poster and A6, A5 flyer

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Pop Art Iconic A3, A4 poster and A6, A5 flyer

This poster/flyer allows for any image not matter what the quality to be used by changing it into pop art. This is perfect when an image for an artist is too small or of low quality, but any image can be used to create a iconic poster/flyer.

The method used to make sure that every pop art image is pixel perfect every time is a smart object embedded within a smart object so that moving or resizing can be done without loss of quality or pixel misplacement. Instructions/notes are contained within the psd’s on how to update the image, its a simple ‘Edit Contents’ of smart object, then another ‘Edit Contents’ of smart object, insert image and save both smart objects. It’s an interesting way of doing updates in psd’s and opens up a whole new world of design and what can be done.

Source files:

8 PSD’s:

3 example stock images are also supplied in the files with links to where they were gotten from.

all CMYK 300 DPI, 100% vector / smart object layers (resizable)

Download     | via GraphicRiver