XML Flip Book / AS3 – by mpc

XML Flip Book / AS3 – by mpc

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The most popular file on ActiveDen this week.  You can definitely tell that designer mpc spent A LOT of time on this.  Well Done!

Main Features:

  • xml driven:
    • flip books assets (images & swf’s)
    • background – image or solid color,
    • buttons and UI background colors and alpha,
    • width and height of each book, you can also set the width and height to 0 and then the Flip Book will be automatically scaled to fit the browser!
    • bitmap smoothing,
    • alpha of each shadow,
    • tool tips (enabled /disabled) and alert texts,
    • all texts,
    • contact form and social icons (enable/disable the icons)
    • slideshow (auto play)
    • music (path to sound file and also auto play)
    • ability to disable each of the features from the upper navigation menu.
  • multiple books (categories),
  • setup one image to display on both pages, you don’t have to crop it! (just change one parameter in xml file)
  • full book preview, easily go through all pages,
  • zoom option,
  • contact form with social icons,
  • slideshow with dynamic delay,
  • four corners active,
  • swf and images support,
  • cool tool tips and alerts,
  • unlimited pages and categories,
  • print selected pages,
  • download flip book as pdf option,
  • esthetic and transparent design,
  • nice icons,
  • advanced shading
  • smooth transitions and animations,
  • nice preloading,
  • ActionScript 3.0,
  • detailed help file with images included.

Detailed Features Overview:

Each of those features can be disabled in the xml, if for example print option is not needed you can easily disable it in the xml file.

  • Books/Categories – this feature is automatically enabled when there is more then one Flip Book. For each of the Flip Books there is a title filed which specifies the title of the book. The categories panel is scrollable so it can contains unlimited number of books.
  • View all pages – this feature enables user to easily view all the pages that are in the Flip Book, user can choose page he wish to see.
  • Zoom – zoom option enables user to zoom the flip book, after zoom the alert is displayed (text for the alert is xml driven)
  • Printer – print option lets the user to print selected pages, after clicking print the image from the Flip Book are send to the printer.
  • Download PDF – user can download Flip Book as pdf (the pdf is driven from a url so the pdf have to be prepared manually)
  • Slideshow – slideshow has the dynamic speed control, also there is a ability to set it to auto play when the book starts.
  • Music – sound control Stop/Pause (mp3 linked from url), dynamic volume control, also there is an option to set the auto play of music.
  • Contact Form – easily setup all the text and alert messages in the contact form, also disable or enable the social icons in the Contact Form. (This form uses PHP , it really doesn’t work on FlashDen server, but it will work on any other server).