7 Mobile Specific WordPress Themes – via WordPress Vineyard


A lot of web traffic comes from our mobile devices these days.  The iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Nexus and many many other devices are the main means of web surfing for the latest generation.  Most website haven’t updated or transitioned to Mobile layouts, but the one that have look amazing!  Of course, you could use a Mobile Ready Responsive WordPress Theme…. Those are fantastic, but if your looking to have the most optimal Mobile Specific WordPress them, here are 7 of my favorites.  Created by the talented designers over at ThemeForest, these Themes are very professional and come with a good deal of support.



More Templates

Plume Free Background

From the Designer on Dribbble:  Mike Beecham This is nothing that special, but I decided to create myself a desktop background using a style I’ve messed around with recently. I thought that if I liked it, someone else might too. Free download…help

475 Vector Icons

3,325 icons by 7 different sizes, ranging from 512×512 pixels down to 16×16 pixels. High quality standard and this special for designer.