Banner Rotator AS3 + Configurator – by flashhorvath


This is an essential addition to you new flash projects. This banner rotator is completely customizable and can be adjusted using Configurator. Well done flashhorvath!

New Features:

  • background Fadeout to be able to make full transparent
  • random sequence  – shuffle mode
  • 2 Different style for Navigation Buttons.
    • Nav Buttons with no real Thumbnails (place holder).  Arrows / thumbnail placeholder / play and pause button can be set via theconfigurator
    • Nav Buttons with real Thumbnail images.  Arrows / thumbnail placeholder, play and pause button and also thumbnails set via configurator
  • Server Side Configurator


  • Full XML Customizable , No need to change any source of Flash Action Script
  • Load JPG , Gif, PNG , SWF
  • Ability to add unlimited layer items on banner texts, HTML texts, images(JPG, GIF , PNG, SWF )
  • Ability to add CSS formatted HTML texts via CDATA
  • Real slideshow- play different layer animation on same banner item
  • Supports all characters also with embeded fonts
  • Ability to add more then one embeded fonts same time
  • Easy to change embedded fonts
  • Automatically word wrapping, textbox width set by xml
  • Clean and smooth
  • Add rounded background to any layer item. Set corner radius via XML
  • Add rounded mask to all banner, set corner radius via XML
  • Ability to add URL Links on any layer items
  • Automatic scale of images
  • Full Resize able. All Resolution can be used
  • AS3
  • Independent directory structure
  • Ability to use FlashVars to define the XML path and file name
  • Change background color and transparency via XML
  • Over 36 different animation on text boxes, image Objects, letters and HTML tags
  • Set start and endtime for each layer items. Set onstage animations.
  • Ability to turn on/off navigation arrows, thumbnails, play/pause buttons
  • Ability to set thumbnail and arrow icons via external images (png/jpg/gif)
  • Special Includes: HTML XML Configurator. Create XML Files via a configurator webapplication. There are two ways to use the configurator: On your local system (no webserver necessary) or on a server (PHP and read/write permission assumed).
  • And many more settings…


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