Concept X – Powerfull WordPress theme – by Phi


One of the best selling WordPress Templates on Themeforest right now.  Phi has designed this to be very sleek and smooth and easy to customize.  With many color options and 3 different sliders, this is a template you could use for any upcoming projects and still have a unique look.  Well done Phi!

This theme is, with it’s vast amount of style- and layout options, suitable for almost any purpose, creative or corporate. The theme has an unlimited amount of colors as you can add background- and link colors via color hex codes in the admin. 15 preset color schemes are included, but the possibilities are unlimited. See the predefined color schemes here

The theme also has 15 seamless background patterns included, that you can easily configure through the admin panel. You can also insert a custom background through the admin.See the backgrounds here

All elements on the home page can be enabled/disabled individually (Slideshow, Welcome text box, portfolio entries, blog posts and footer widgets.).

You have three different slideshow types to choose from (Cycle slider, Fancy transitions slider and Accordion slider)

The theme has been thoroughly tested, to ensure an issue free installation and usage. Valid css/xhtml and works in IE7 ++, Opera, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Key features:

  • 3 different slideshows
    • Cycle slider
    • Fancy transitions
    • Accordion
  • 3 cufon fonts
  • 15 preset color schemes
  • 15 tiled background images
  • Unlimited colors for background and links/buttons. See some demo combinations here.
  • Display video with prettyPhoto
    • Vimeo video
    • Quicktime movies
    • Youtube video
  • Many shortcodes:
    • Contact form with validation
    • Misc containers/boxes in different widths
    • Image insertions
    • Buttons
    • The theme is set up ability for nested shortcodes (Shortcodes within shortcodes)
    • Se demo page with a lot of the shortcodes in use here
  • 5 page templates
    • Fullwidth
    • Portfolio page
    • Gallery page
    • Contact page
    • Blog page
  • Widget ready
  • Multiple gallery and portfolio pages
  • Automatic image resizing
  • Huge admin

Admin features

  • Global settings:
    • Logo insertion and logo margins
    • Choose color scheme
    • Choose background image
    • Override background image with one of your own
    • Background repeat
    • Background color
    • Link color
    • Menu link color
    • Choose cufon font from 5 preset fonts
    • Menu management – Sho/hide pages in navigation
    • Disable dropdown
    • Disable breadcrumb navigation
    • Show/hide footer widgets
    • Insert Google Analytics code
    • Insert icons and links for social media
  • Home page settings:
    • Choose slideshow type
      • Cycle slider
      • Fancy transitions
      • Accordion
    • Choose slideshow source (posts or pages)
    • Cycle slideshow settings:
      • Choose from 28 slider effects
      • Slider timeout (Autoplay interval)
      • Slider height
      • Show/hide text in slideshow
    • Fancy transitions slideshow
      • Choose from three diiferen transition effects (Wave, zipper or curtain)
      • Slider timeout (Autoplay interval)
      • Image height
    • Select page for welcome box
    • Number of portfolio entries on home page (0 to 9)
    • Home page blog/news entries
      • Heading for home page blog/news entries
      • Number of blog/news entries on home page
      • Select categories to display on home page blog
      • Show/hide meta for date, author, comments, categories, and tags.
  • Portfolio settings
    • Select portfolio page
    • Set number of entries to display per page
  • Gallery settings
    • Select gallery page
    • Set number of entries to display per page
  • Blog settings
    • Select blog page
    • Set number of post to display per page
    • Select categories for blog
    • Show/hide meta for date, author, comments, categories, and tags.
  • Contact settings
    • Insert email for contact forms
  • Footer settings
    • Select pages for footer links
    • Copyright notice
    • Disable/enable social media buttons
  • Translation settings
    • Translate terms and words that wordpress outputs
      • Read more, name, email, submit etc…


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